Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are WordPress security experts, and as such we will be able to get your website back from any possible hack attack.

You can get hack attack resolved as part of Bionic and Cyborg plan or by ordering One-Time Help service from us.

Absolutely. We can clean any possible malware you may have on your website. After we clean the malware, we also ensure that it doesn’t come back by fixing the cause of the infection.

Please note that malware cleaning is available only to Bionic and Cyborg maintenance plans.

If you wish to get malware cleaning as a one time service, you can contact us through our One-Time Help service page.

We will install one of the best security plugins on your website. We will do a full audit of your website and implement a series of actions to protect your WordPress 100%.  Your website will have the best possible security coverage with us.

Yes, we can help you improve website speed as part of our One-Time Help service.

Please note that speed optimization is recommended to be serviced as an ongoing service because there are many things that happen over time and that affect the speed.

But, if you wish to do it as a one-time request, be free to contact us.

Absolutely! In case that your host has an impact on your website speed, we will be more than happy to recommend the hosting that will help you achieve the best speed results with a guarantee.

We will also provide safe and fast migration to the other host without any additional charges, in case you decide to go with our recommended hosting company.

We will provide all possible actions to achieve the recommended speed results. This usually means, as provided by Google guidelines, that website is being loaded bellow 2 seconds.

Sometimes, there are external scripts that provide important functionality on your website. In such cases, if we want to keep the functionality, the results may be slightly lower than recommended. But still, even with that, all other aspects will be fixed and covered.

Another issue that could hold us from achieving the best results is slow hosting. If you have an account on cheap hosting which is being shared with hundreds of websites, there is no action we could do to provide you with 100% satisfaction. In such cases, we will give you recommendations on hosting switch that will give you desired improvement with a guarantee.

We perform manual optimization of each parameter that affects website speed. We utilize different online tools that provide page speed score and according to results, we go through each issue carefully until desired results are achieved.

In order to achieve speed improvements, usually, we need to install additional plugins that will help solve all the issues you may have on your website.

Most often, all updates are being done during the weekends and night hours. But we will determine the best suitable time for your website to perform the updates. Usually, this means periods when you have the lowest amount of traffic on your websites.

All plugin and theme updates are being done once per week.

In case that update is available, but only for 2 days, we will schedule the update for next week. The reason for this practice is because many plugins are being released with bugs because they were not properly tested. And usually, it takes a few days until those bugs are being fixed.

We have custom tools that ping websites each minute, 24/7. They provide us with the response: if the site is online or not. In case anything goes wrong, we get notified via different channels, so we can react and fix any problem immediately.

We cover every minute of every hour of every month :-), or 24/7. In case something goes wrong with your website, our team will be notified within a minute. As such, the maximal upkeep of your website is the ultimate priority for us.

Absolutely, we can help with any custom requirements you may have. You can contact us directly for this service or via a One-Time Help service page.

After you send us details about your project, our team will give you an estimated time needed to complete the job. We won’t start until you agree on all details from the offer.

When you submit a ticket from us, you will get an immediate confirmation email that we have received it.

Within 2-4 hours you will get a notification email that we have opened the ticket and one of our team members has started working on it. In case you have a question you will get an immediate answer. But in case you have submitted a request that will require work from our side, we will inform you of the outcome as soon as we finish the job.

Communication is the key, so please be patient and be free to update your ticket any time if you have any concerns.

Yes! With us, your WordPress website is fully managed by us. That means solving any issue you may encounter. As we do the plugin and theme updates we will make sure that everything goes smoothly. In case something goes wrong, we will work with plugin or theme support to solve the problem or we will provide/recommend and install a replacement solution.

As long as you are on Mechanic plan we can’t provide you with one-time edits unless you upgrade your plan to Bionic or Mechanic package.

Another option is to get our One-Time Help service. With this service, we will be happy to help you with any edit request you may have a one-time request.

Yes, unlimited website edits are available for all Bionic and Cyborg maintenance plans. And the feature really means unlimited when it comes to helping you with all edits on your WordPress site.

The nature of our service, pricing structure, and experience with clients has proved that chat and email support are the perfect and most efficient ways to communicate with our customers.

Although we don’t support phone support, we have a team that will serve you as a client with top priorities. Fast, effective, and friendly.

In case you want to have our support for more than 1 WordPress site, you will have to sign-up for a new maintenance plan for each website. Just go and choose a package for your site and send us all the details during the checkout.

After you sign-up and choose your plan, you can either send login credentials via email or via chat support.

We encourage you to use a service like to create a self-destructing link, so you are sure that only our team will receive the information.

No. We support and respect all kinds of hosting providers. If needed, we will give the recommendation to make a switch for a better performance according to your budget.

We provide support for WooCommerce websites as well, as part of the eCommerce plan. This plan is custom because it takes more resources to maintain this type of site so prices may vary from other monthly plans.

Once you send us your site’s login creditentials, our team will set your plan in 24-48 hours.

Choose your package and send us login credentials during the checkout or after sign up, so we can access your website and start working on it. You will receive ongoing series of email reports of what we have done on your website.

Unlimited edits include edits:

  • of content on any page on your website
  • changing images, headers or footers
  • changing plugin settings
  • CSS adjustments
  • adding new pages
  • adding coupon codes or products inside the WooCommerce store

Unlimited edits do not include:

  • custom development of plugins and themes
  • updating of any custom code
  • graphic design
  • PSD to WordPress
  • any CMS to WordPress
  • building a new website or subdomain
  • writing content
  • creating custom checkout process or custom product pages inside WooCommerce store