Changing the link color on WordPress requires no coding skills, and with little guidance, you can simply do it yourself. But before that, let us look at the psychological benefits of colors and how colored links can help engage readers.

Color Psychology on Conversions

001 Color Psychology On Conversions

This image shows Xerox Corporation and International Communication research results, where 92 % of the respondents associated color with quality. (February19-March 7, 2013)

According to their research, color isn’t just for special occasions or to impress, but can be used in advertising, marketing, and even websites to dazzle, engage, and capture the imagination.

So, color significantly affects your website visitors’ moods, experiences, and behavior, influencing conversion without knowing it. Therefore, your links should have colors that engage your site visitors.

So, how do colors influence mood?

How Colors Affect Your Readers’ Feelings Online

1. Blue wins your trust.

You have seen most sites use the color blue in their links and call to actions, ever wondered why? Blue stands for loyalty, trustworthiness, and sincerity. On the same, readers associate it with logic, communication, and coolness. For instance, have a look at Square’s website call to action.

002 How Colors Affect Your Readers

2. Red Signifies Power and Passion

Besides love, red is associated with energy, physical courage, and excitement. When used by brands, it unconsciously makes readers excited and energetic and reminds them of something they love. A company like Virgin controls more than 400 companies in various fields worldwide, uses red on their brand to do just that. You can tap into this to engage your site visitors.

3. Yellow Warns

Yellow is termed as one of the most luminous colors. It arouses a sense of excitement and energy. It is also used in warning signs to show individuals to take precautions, examine, and be careful. Therefore, it acts as a safety color to warn individuals against hazards such as flammables and electrical danger.

4. Black Adds a Sense of Luxury and Value

Black is associated with power and elegance. When used the right way, black further communicates exclusivity, sophistication, and glamour. For that reason, businesses that want to appear sophisticated and glamorous use black in their branding. Also, consumers tend to associate black with quality. Have a look at this order page to see how brands can fair with black.

003 Black Adds A Sense Of Luxury And Value

5. Use Green in Outdoor Products

Green relates to quality while selling outdoor products. Additionally, if your product has anything to do with nature, organic, and the environment, green is not only expected by consumers, but your best bet to capture attention.

Tropicana is an example of a company that knows the power of green. The company, according to Statista, has been making 18.5 million weekly.

004 Use Green In Outdoor Products

6. Orange Creates a Sense of Haste

Tropicana also uses orange on its sales page because it creates a sense of haste and fun. When a consumer lands on this page, they will naturally be prompted to buy a product, and do it quickly, because it’s fun.

005 Orange Creates A Sense Of Haste

7. Use white to highlight your primary color

Is white a color? Probably not. But imagine if this post had no white spaces. Will you be reading up to this point? The information will be clogged and uninteresting to read, right?

Ever noted Google page, among the most prominent companies worldwide, is all white? Generally, white is critical in branding and makes passages interesting to read. It creates rest for your eyes and highlights a company’s primary color, so you notice it quickly.

013 Use White To Highlight Your Primary Color

To sum it up, marketing psychology suggests that you should use bright colors in your call to action buttons. Bright primary and secondary colors such as yellow, orange, red, and green have high conversion rates compared to dark shades like dark grey, black, purple, or brown. However, it may depend on what you are selling as some individuals associate a color like black with elegance.

Favorite Colours
Men Blue, green and black
Women Purple, green, and purple

The colors that work for your brand may not necessarily work for another brand. You, therefore, have to test which colors sell your brand best. It is high time you add on your conversions.

How to change link color in WordPress

Now, how do you change your links’ colors to create your desired effect and increase conversions?

You change link colors using HTML and CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, a web document that allows you to change HTML appearance. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Besides enabling you to change the link color on WordPress, CSS will change the text’s font, size, and style. But in this post, we will only focus on changing your link color.

Let’s begin.

By default, all links are underlined. However, the links differ in colors depending on our theme. Let’s assume you currently use:

  • Purple when visited
  • Blue when unvisited
  • Red when active
  1. To change the link color, go to your website dashboard.
    006 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 1
  2. Click on appearance
    007 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 2
  3. Click on the customization button
    008 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 3
  4. Click on additional CSS
    009 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 4
  5. Highlight the code
    010 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 5
  6. Go to HTML Color picker: it will take you to color tutorials.
  7. Select your favorite shades
  8. Choose the color picker, select color, and then shade.
    011 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 6
  9. Click save and publish from the header’s menu

In some rare situations, using CSS may be impossible. Luckily, you can change the link color, background color, text color, and other HTML body value

012 Changing Link Color In WordPress Step 7

Simply look at the description of the attributes.

  • TEXT= text colour
  • LINK= link color
  • VLINK= visited link color
  • ALINK= active link color or the resulting color after the link is clicked

Each color has a value, so all you need to do is change this to the color value you desire.

Link colors have a significant impact not only on your call to action but also on your website’s links. For that reason, changing your website’s links in favor of your target audience will automatically add your conversion rate. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to change your site’s link color to suit your readers.