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Meshnetics team provided us with another Genesis framework development service, for website tailored for Luxury Agency needs. Abstract design
was developed as an eye candy for the prospective clients of the Studio, with main
goal of contacting representatives of the company directly.

Studio Connoisseurs

With the help of Meshnetics, the complex element on infinity aviation was easily done by integrating video and sound into the design.
Making this website was a challenge where elegant solutions made the site beautiful
and usable at the same time.

Infinity Aviation

The challenge with the Dertour website was to integrate the WordPress platform with API real time search results of available hotels world-wide. The Meshnetics team was in charge to develop the website from scratch four years ago. The results was astonishing and we are still under their maintenance plan for this and our other websites.


The main goal with Cepm website was to update all the plugins, PHP and to clean database, after 4 years without any maintenance. The initial task was finished on time with excelent communication from the Meshnetics team. We even received an extra consultations on how to proceed further on.

Cepm Consorcio Energetico

Meshnetics team was in charge to develop the whole website with simple parallax effects. They were on top of the task once more. Thank you!

Connoisseurs World

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